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Get Involved

Southern Alameda County Dental Society encourages all our members to get involved in leadership.  We have several Board positions, and committees to suit many different interests.  Time commitments vary by position and committee, and SACDS makes every effort to ensure the time spent volunteering for one of our Board positions is meaningful and rewarding. 

To learn more about our Board and Committee opportunities call 510-782-5316 or  Contact Us

Hopes for Dentistry

In a new web series SACDS members and leaders will share their thoughts & ideas about what it means to be a dentists and how being part of our SACDS community has helped them grow in their professional & personal life. Check back here for updates and new perspectives each month. 

Dr. Steven Rothi (member since 1983) 

Steven RothiAfter many years of dental practice, I have been thinking about our present condition of dentistry as a profession. The time has passed much too quickly, as I remember being fresh out of dental school and trying to find my way in the community as a new dentist, and how I felt nervous going to dental meetings with all of the older, established members of SACDS. It didn't take long to overcome my fears as I began to find friendship and support from these members.

 I have always enjoyed the art, science, and innovations presented to me as a dentist and I still love going to the CDA Presents and continuing education classes. But above these, there are two reasons that I feel are the most rewarding in my nearly forty years of dentistry.

 The first is having spent these years sharing life with my patients, many of them being children when I first treated them. Now, many of them bring in their own children for dental care. Of course, many patients have passed away and I shared in the grief of losing them.

 The second most rewarding aspect of dentistry is friendships made with colleagues. We have a rather unique cottage industry and it is easy to feel isolated. Being involved in organized dentistry is really important in fighting this isolation. I enjoy being involved in study clubs made up from caring members of our dental society who like to share ideas and new products and techniques. We all become better dentists by sharing our experiences and clinical knowledge. I would especially encourage younger dentists to stay involved in the dental society and to develop relationships that help build confidence and enjoyment of our profession. And then, sooner than you think, you will look back and say "wow - where did the time go?"