Board of Directors

Here is what some of our present and past Board members have to say about why they got involved in Leadership. 

It's a great way to connect with colleagues who are in different stages of their careers.
- Dr. Sheldon Salins

I joined SACDS right out of dental school. I found mentors. I found a collegial environment where I felt comfortable. And I found a place where I could enrich and develop more leadership skills. I'm so thankful I joined and so thankful for the amazing experiences I have had because of my membership in SACDS, ​CDA and ADA.  
- Dr. Ruchi Sahota

Being part of leadership is so rewarding as you get to make a difference. There's a wonderful sense of community. 
- Dr. Sheila Dobee

Being a board member enabled me to have a broader understanding of dentistry from a legislative standpoint.  It also connected me socially and professionally to other member dentists. My experience as an executive board member has been both rewarding and satisfying. 
- Dr. Susan So

I want to contribute and protect our great profession of dentistry.
- Dr. Sara Soleimani

To learn more about joining our SACDS Board call 510-782-5316.