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Welcome to the Southern Alameda County Dental Society

The Southern Alameda County Dental Society is your professional home.  We are proud to be a local dental society of the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association.  We provide our members with a strong sense of community through offerings such as continuing education, practice and regulatory support, philanthropic outreach to the underserved, and informed and appropriate legislative advocacy. Our members enjoy the opportunity to build their practices while fostering significant professional and personal relationships.   We are committed to working hard for our members and their businesses. We welcome you to join us!  

AB 1519

Urge your legislator to support AB 1519!

Support consumer protections for direct-to-consumer orthodontia

Californians deserve safe and effective dental treatment regardless of whether the treating dentist is in person with the patient or provides services through teledentistry. With the emergence of new business models offering various dental services that can be ordered without an in-person clinical examination, like direct-to-consumer orthodontia, it is imperative that dental treatment, no matter how it is accessed, continues to meet the standard of care.

AB 1519 by Assemblymember Evan Low continues the ability for the Dental Board of California to regulate the practice of dentistry and establishes fundamental consumer protections for patients receiving care through teledentistry.

This bill requires that dentists providing orthodontia to patients must disclose their license number and dental board contact information and review radiographs prior to the movement of teeth. This uniform standard of care applies regardless of whether the treating dentist is in person with the patient or provides services through teledentistry.

Emerging telehealth models, such as virtual dental homes, provide valuable opportunities to deliver quality dental health care that address the lack of access to care experienced by millions of Californians. The provisions in AB 1519 ensure that telehealth advancements continue to grow in a thoughtful way that puts patient safety first and is as effective as in-person treatment.

Use the form on the CDA website here to contact your legislator.